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Broken Fingers

Broken bones anywhere in the hand can be excruciating and greatly affect the quality of life for those who suffer these types of fractures. When you break a finger, you will notice swelling and redness at the site of the break, and you won’t be able to move your fingers without pain, if at all. If you’ve dislocated your finger at the joint, you will notice a deformation in your finger, and it will be difficult to move. 

If you break or dislocate a finger, it is essential that you seek help immediately to prevent any long-term effects that could permanently limit dexterity in your hand.

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Treatment for Broken Fingers at the Hand and Shoulder Center

Can’t tell if your finger is broken or dislocated? Visit the Hand and Shoulder Center instead of visiting an urgent care. When visiting with broken finger bones, we will immediately perform X-rays to evaluate the severity of the fracture. After assessing the severity, we will discuss the best treatment or procedure with you.

Typically, treatment for fractured fingers only requires the use of splinting fingers. If the fracture is severe, it may be necessary to implement surgical pins and wires. In some cases, open surgery is used to implant plates and screws to keep the bones in place.

Recovery and healing time for a broken finger varies based on the patient and how badly the bones are broken. We may also suggest physical therapy at our clinic to assist in the recovery of motion in the hand after the bones heal.

Unsure if you have a broken finger? Schedule an appointment at the Hand and Shoulder Center in Savannah, Georgia today

When you break a bone in your hand, the hand specialists at the Hand and Shoulder Center are here to help you with personalized and comprehensive care. Whether you need immediate care for fractured or dislocated fingers or long-term care for other conditions of the hand, you can count on our years of experience and dedication to get you back to optimal dexterity in no time.

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