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Hand Pain & Numbness

The 27 bones in your hand are connected by soft tissue, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. All of this complexity allows for a wide range of motion and dexterity, but it also makes your hands vulnerable to injury and pain. 

At the Hand and Shoulder Center in Savannah, Georgia, we take time to discuss your history and symptoms to efficiently diagnose and treat hand pain or numbness.

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Hand Pain and Numbness
Common Causes
What are some common causes of hand pain?

There are many causes for hand pain, and a diagnosis can only be reached after careful examination. Some of the more common causes for hand pain include: 

Other less common causes for hand pain include bacterial infection, bone tumors, sarcomas, and nerve damage from toxins.

Common Causes
What are some common causes of hand numbness?

Numbness in the hands can be uncomfortable and worrisome. Typically, numbness and tingling can be caused by the compression of nerves in your arm and wrist. Numbness in the hand is often a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs when there is pressure on your wrist’s median nerve.
Various diseases, such as diabetes, lupus, and Lyme disease, are associated with numbness in the hands.
If you experience numbness in your hands, it is vital that you visit a medical professional for diagnosis and to discuss treatment options.
At the Hand and Shoulder Center, we offer compassionate diagnosis and treatment for many of the causes of hand numbness.

Doctor Examining Wrist and Hand
Specialized for You
Individualized Care for Treating Hand Pain and Hand Numbness at the Hand and Shoulder Center

If you are experiencing pain or numbness in your hand, we will gather detailed information about your symptoms and medical history to diagnose the cause. We take the time to get to know you to ensure that our process is one of discussion and education.
If we believe a diagnostic test would be required after speaking with you about your hand pain or numbness, we will only run those tests we deem necessary.
After we diagnose the cause for your discomfort, we will develop a treatment plan that is in line with your individual goals.

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