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Nerve Damage Pain in Hand
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Nerve Injury and Nerve Repair at the Hand and Shoulder Center

Nerve injury is typically caused by blunt or sharp trauma. Most of the time, nerves that are partially injured will heal on their own in time. However, some nerves do not heal, or the damage is severe enough that surgery is required to restore feeling and function. 

Symptoms of nerve damage may come on gradually if compression, inflammation, or swelling is the cause. If the nerve is completely severed, you will experience symptoms immediately. Symptoms of nerve damage include: 

  • Numbness (a nerve that transmits sensation is damaged)
  • Weakness (a nerve responsible for movement is damaged)
  • Pain

If you experience any of these symptoms and are seeking nerve damage treatment, visit Dr. Jonathan Shults at the Hand and Shoulder Center. Dr. Shults is specially trained in state-of-the-art techniques for nerve repair and in orthopedic care.

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Nerve Repair at the Hand and Shoulder Center

Nerve repair is performed with the use of an operating microscope. The procedure involves exploration of the injured nerve and removing damaged tissue. After the damaged tissue is removed, Dr. Shults can reconnect the injured nerve if there is enough length of nerve left to do so. 

If there is not enough healthy nerve left to reattach, then a nonessential nerve may be taken from another part of your body and used to reconnect the injured nerve in a process known as nerve grafting. 

It takes time for the fibers to grow into the surrounding skin and muscles. As a result, recovery may take several weeks or months. As the nerves heal, you will feel the positive effects of the nerve repair, but some patients continue to experience tingling sensations and some weakness in the area. 

Learn More About Nerve Injury and Nerve Repair at the Hand and Shoulder Center in Savannah, Georgia

If you have suffered an injury that has caused pain or loss of sensation, schedule an appointment with the Hand and Shoulder Center today. We have the state-of-the-art solutions and comprehensive care you need to get back to feeling like your usual self. 

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