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Quality Hand and Shoulder Orthopedic Care

Our highly skilled team at The Hand & Shoulder Center offers a wide array of orthopedic services. Our orthopedic surgeons and our knowledgeable team can assist with hand pain and numbness, wrist fractures, broken fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. We understand that each individual is unique and that’s why we talk with you about treatments plans and options. 

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Wrist Pain

Leading Hand and Shoulder Treatment at the Hand and Shoulder Center

Hand Pain & Numbness

Are you experiencing numbness or pain in your hands? There are various causes of such sensations. Sometimes it’s the compression of nerves in the arm or wrist or it can be caused by various diseases. Our team is ready to create an individualized care plan for you. Click to learn how we treat hand pain & numbness.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Also known as median nerve compression, carpal tunnel syndrome is diagnosed when an individual experiences tingling or numbness in their hand or arm. Schedule an appointment with The Hand & Shoulder Center to be tested for carpal tunnel so that you can get started on a treatment plan. Learn more about the multiple ways we test and treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Trigger Finger & Thumb

Are your fingers stiff, creating a clicking noise, or getting stuck in a bent position? You may have trigger finger or trigger thumb. The Hand & Shoulder Center team can start you on a personalized treatment plan before the condition worsens. With the use of different treatments, we can reduce the finger tendons from thickening further. Click to find out more about trigger finger/thumb.

De Quervain’s Tendonitis

De Quervain’s Tendonitis is caused by inflammation in the tendons of the hand which creates pain when you try to grip something. Resolve the pain and get your hands feeling back to normal by scheduling an appointment with The Hand & Shoulder Center. Our team will work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your needs. Read about the types of treatments we offer for de Quervain’s Tendonitis.

Wrist Fractures

Prevent long-term complications by visiting The Hand & Shoulder Center. Depending on the severity of the wrist fracture, surgery may be necessary to treat the fractured or broken wrist. Find out more about wrist fractures and broken wrists.

Broken Fingers

Wondering if your finger is broken? If you’re experiencing swelling and redness at the site of the injury, and you’re unable to move your fingers without pain, then you have broken your finger. Visit us at The Hand and Shoulder Center for X-rays and further treatment. Don’t delay your treatment of a fractured or broken finger. If not treated in a timely manner, the issue may worsen. Read more about broken fingers.

Hand & Wrist Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that wears down the cartilage between your joints, causing inflammation and pain. Our specialists at The Hand and Shoulder Center can help reduce the stiffness, aching, and inflammation you are experiencing. Click to learn more about the treatments we offer and may recommend for osteoarthritis.

Shoulder Pain

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing pain in your shoulder. Whether it’s from a sprain, strain, or shoulder arthritis, you can count on the professionals at The Hand and Shoulder Center. If caught soon enough, you can prevent possible surgery. Learn more about shoulder pain causes and treatments.

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Also known as palmar fibromatosis, Dupuytren’s contracture is an uncommon condition that limits the dexterity of your hands. As time goes by, the connective tissues in your palm thicken, creating a knot-like texture. Click to read how we can slow down this process or reverse Dupuytren’s contracture.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Are you experiencing pain, stiffness, or swelling in your hands? Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the joint tissues. Visit The Hand & Shoulder Center for diagnosis and treatment to help slow the progression. Our specialists offer surgical and non-surgical treatments for rheumatoid arthritis.

Nerve Injury & Repair

If you’ve noticed that you have numbness, weakness, or pain in your hands, you may have a nerve injury. Symptoms of a nerve injury can be gradual or immediate. Nerve injuries are repairable through surgery. Learn about how nerve injuries are treatable with nerve repair and grafting.

Elbow Pain

Just like our hands, our elbows can start to hurt due to repetitive motions. Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are common among athletes and those who overwork the tendons in the elbow. Common symptoms are pain in the elbow or forearm, swelling, and difficulty gripping objects. Our team of specialists offers physical therapy options, as well as surgery to treat elbow tendonitis. Read about what causes elbow pain.

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